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Powering business to new heights together, one piece at a time.

We designed Vantage Milestone for businesses who understand that real growth only happens with consistent effort dedicated to the right areas. Milestone is for you if you’re ready to build up your company’s internal infrastructure, improve day-to-day productivity, and implement company-tailored methods, market-conditioned and ready for growth.

Work Hard, Smarter

Can you picture the visible benefits of implementing systematized, automated operations at your business? How about having a crystal clear picture of your team’s true value in the context of how you budget work and capture all possible profits? Now envision having that kind of real-time information giving you actionable insights on how to maximize revenue while constructing a stable foundation that steps you up for sustainable, long-term growth. Get everything right from revenue per employee and workload efficiency to in-depth profit performance and job-specific recommendations to capture every dollar possible. This fundamental information is the key to unlocking true potential and getting to the next level. Industry Specific. Tailor-designed for you.

Vantage is right for you if you want to…


I want to reduce my office workload.

You’re not alone. Optimal operational efficiency is what companies aiming for growth need to strive for. With Milestone, we’ll get you there by improving tasks, slowing performance, and with Eva’s help, reduce workload and keep your business a well-oiled machine.


I want to work smarter, not harder.

We designed Milestone to guide the inner workings of your business. We make this happen through strategic systematization and automation wherever possible. We’re proud to have given countless owners/operators the freedom to step away from the daily grind and focus on what matters most.


I just want my business to grow.

We hear you. And we’ve been in your shoes. As serial entrepreneurs, we’ve lived the ebbs and flows of growing businesses from the ground up. And we’ve curated an unmatched bank of strategic insight upon which we propel small companies, both in construction and out to their peaks. We’re here to help.

Need Vantage to help your business grow? That’s your best idea yet.

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