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Eva Assist

Introducing Eva. The go-everywhere with you job cost & labor assistant designed to take the workload off your desk.

We designed Eva for operators who know the importance of tracking essential job metrics, but can’t stand the extra work that comes with keeping things up to date. Eva’s voice command and real-time recall was built to automate and streamline everything from instant quoting and scheduling to job costing, team workload and time tracking. And it’s only the beginning.

Take a page out of our book. Because it works.

Imagine harnessing all the knowledge, experience, and insight your team possesses—which might be robust but scattered — and digitizing it in a way that makes maximizing profits second nature. Then, picture this being a turnkey, easy to use application designed to be your personal go-everywhere assistant; to accentuate strengths, identify weaknesses, and capture opportunities to profit your service needs to see. That’s what Eva can do for your company. Say goodbye to constant upkeep and manual office work. And say hello to the automated solution designed to streamline everything to do with job tracking.

Apex is right for you if you want to…


I want to be able to create and send quotes faster.

Eva’s voice command and recall can help you populate and get quotes done and out within seconds, using your mobile or hand-held device. And that’s just the beginning! Once the job is yours, let Eva take care of the job tracking work, automatically visible in your company dashboard.


I want to be able to see where my team needs help.

Maybe you’ve got the skill stuff down but want to turbocharge team performance and are not absolutely sure what to look for. Eva can help you do that, and give you real-time insights into your teams running workload and capacity. Being able to make quicker and smarter decisions has never been so easy.


I want to be able to simplify team time tracking.

That’s the beauty of Eva. It’s not an “I’ll do it this time but forget to keep doing it” solution. This revolutionary software is designed to deliver consistent and streamlined results to fit your workflow, team, and operational challenges keeping you from getting to the next level.

Need Apex to optimize your sales process? We’re here to help.

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