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A construction company looking to identify operational gaps with Vantage

A small construction firm engages Revalate to level up its sales process and identify operational gaps that were dragging on the company’s performance.


Primary pain point(s)

Sometimes, a sales process serves its purpose of helping a business reach a certain level. But what happens when you want to level up? In this case, our client needed a sales process that their team could depend on to close new sales consistently. They required the requisite training infrastructure to empower the sales team to perform optimally. And perhaps most critically, they needed an unbiased partner to identify underlying mechanisms that saw the business lose over 20% of its business over the previous 18 months.


Goals and objectives

  • Increasing conversions 
  • Retain more customers 
  • Reliably finding new business

How Revalate Helped

While the client had a foundational sales process, it lacked the essential structure to facilitate deeper refinement and progress. We engineered a consistent sales process that his team could depend on to consistently close new sales. Further, we identified opportunities for real-time training that existing and new employees could use to sharpen their sales skills. And finally, we identified the weaknesses in their service model that had caused a significant drop in business over the trailing 18 months.



Once we identified apparent gaps to focus on, we assembled the components required to deliver a consistent and progressive sales process to meet the necessary conditions for reliably achieving new sales. The strategically crafted strategies worked holistically to ensure enhanced client retention and increased referral opportunities were consistently available through a trackable source.

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