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A media production company looking to generate new business with Vantage

A growing media production company engages Revalate to formalize a reliable revenue model that is aligned with its value proposition and maximizes its ability to generate new business.


Primary pain point(s)

Most of our client’s business came through pounding the pavement and building a network the old-fashioned way. But they were leaving money—and new prospective relationships—on the table. They had trouble identifying their value proposition, resulting in lost profits due to its price structure and revenue model. So after years of what felt like scattered effort, they knew it was time to incorporate a systemized, proven, and reliable approach to business development.


Goals and objectives

  • Clearly define their value proposition to reduce profit losses
  • Diversify sales strategies to strengthen the sales funnel
  • Increase sales conversions

How Revalate Helped

We designed our partnership-based approach and strategic process to dive deep into our client’s underlying business philosophies and visions. This ensures we can accurately assess our client’s value in the marketplace and deliver functional guidance to increase revenue in line with that fundamental value. That’s how we learn what’s truly unique about our partners, giving us the tools we need to build a functional process that we know will work for them.



Once we had a firm definition of our client’s true value, we formulated a pricing structure for their services that empowered them to maximize earnings without leaving money on the table. We equipped them with a functional, reliable sales process for attracting new business and introduced a series of additional sales strategies to increase lead volume and conversion rates. Finally, our client had the systematized operational efficiency needed to reach the next level in their company story.

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