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A life insurance firm looking to expand across Canada with Apex

A small-mid life insurance firm engages Revalate to significantly increase revenue and help facilitate their cross-Canada expansion.


Primary pain point(s)

When you want to achieve 6-figure revenues, operations have to be air-tight. For example, while a lot of the firm’s internal staff had some form of sales training, very little of it was formalized. They were losing business and failing to convert an ideal number of leads simply because the team didn’t have the tools they needed to be successful. Revalate changed that.


Goals and objectives

  • Achieve six-figure revenues within three years
  • Expand operations across Canada

How Revalate helped

We began the discovery process by focusing on the company’s existing sales process, experience with sales, key team players, overall revenue, and growth objectives. We worked closely together to tightly define their ideal target clients so we could build a sales system that supported this audience’s goals.



Our in-depth analysis allowed us to reverse engineer and re-assemble a systemized, seamless process that mirrored the unique buying conditions and behaviours required to offer their total insurance product shelf to the ideal target client. Our strategic direction empowered them to meet revenue growth targets in their desired timeframe.

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