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Construction firm looking to expand revenue with Apex

A mid-level construction firm engages Revalate to catalyze its North American expansion and 10x the company’s annual revenue within five years.


Primary pain point(s)

Our client—the owner and operator of a mid-level construction firm—came from humble beginnings. They worked in various construction business areas, dealt with many unscrupulous characters, and became determined to build a service that delivered a quality product without the shadiness often associated with “construction.” They wanted to grow significantly but do so the right way – the honest way.


Goals and objectives

  • Grow from a seven-figure revenue to eight-figures within a five-year window
  • Expand operations sustainably and effectively across North America

How Revalate helped

We began the discovery process by focusing on the company’s existing sales process, experience with sales, key team players, and overall revenue and growth objectives. From there, each puzzle piece was reverse engineered and re-assembled into a systemized process to match the unique buying conditions required to sell their offering to the ideal clients.



Revalate gave the company the requisite foundational mechanisms to sell its products and achieve rapid growth by delivering a quality offering without compromising on ethics. We helped them grow their revenue by 10x and successfully expand their operations across North America.

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