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An IT company looking to enhance operational efficiency with Amplify

A small but expanding IT management company engages Revalate to grow revenue, enhance operational efficiency, and empower the owner/operator via improved quality of life.


Primary pain point(s)

Picture this: you found an IT company, and things are going well. You’re expanding and making a name for yourself. Everything’s great, right? Not so fast. Often, small business owners/operators get caught in a tricky spot where they’re relied on for foundational direction over the company’s future while still being responsible for—let’s be honest—rather tedious day-to-day tasks. Revalate helped this owner/operator get their life back on track, doing what makes them passionate.


Goals and objectives

  • Grow revenue
  • Enhance business systems
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Improve general time-management practices

How Revalate helped

This client had a foundational sales process in place, so our initial focus was to pinpoint areas of infrastructural and technological weaknesses deterring growth. From there, we assembled the essential components needed to facilitate harmonious operational functionality into a systemized process to improve efficiency and enhance revenue.



Ultimately, our strategic direction and implementation manifested in a complete business process overhaul that matched the conditions required to achieve the client’s ultimate goal: to transition from owner/operator of his company to just owner, getting their quality of life back.

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