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A construction firm owner looking to automate operations with Amplify

A mid-level construction firm owner/operator engages Revalate to refine their business systems, accelerate revenue, and automate operations, freeing them up to enjoy life.


Primary pain point(s)

Some businesses aren’t about loving a product or service. Sure, ventures often begin with plenty of enthusiasm, but that passion might wane over time. A company may hold practical utility in its financial lucrativeness even in these cases. So what happens when the owner/operator wants to optimize their older venture, positioning it as a reliable passive income source while giving them the freedom to branch out into other areas that they’re genuinely excited about?


Goals and objectives

  • Grow revenues 
  • Refine/improve business systems
  • Reduce operating expenses 
  • Improve overall time-management practices 
  • Access to improved quality of life

How Revalate

Our client had been in service for over ten years without the proper infrastructure or sales unit to facilitate consistent and predictable growth. Our discovery process unearthed a desire to change that as soon as possible. We examined the firm’s internal systems and opportunities for increased operational efficiency to craft a holistic strategy to significantly automate operations and free up the owner/operator to live on his terms.



We assembled the essential components to deliver a fully systemized process matching the conditions needed to achieve the client’s goal: transitioning from owner/operator and shifting his focus toward more exciting, motivating ventures to fuel his passions.

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